our team

Dr. Angela Kwong - GP

Dr. Angela Kwong is a General Practitioner with a special interest in medically supervised weight loss, and the creator of Enlighten Me. 

She provides medical consultations and co-hosts the weekly training sessions with our Coaches.

Bow - Nutritionist

Bow has a balanced sustainable approach to healthy eating, along with a wealth of knowledge and personal experience when it comes to weight loss. The Enlighten Me members love following her healthy recipes and learning to cook for enjoyment. 

Beau Eleanoir - Exercise Physiologist

Beau Eleanoir works collaboratively with our team to design an effective online group exercise class for our Enlighten Me members that is time efficient and tailored for varying levels of ability and medical co-morbidities, yet also fun!

Eunice - Administrative Support

Eunice is the powerhouse behind the scenes who gets all of your questions answered, helps to onboard new patients, cheers you on and points you in the right direction whenever you need a helping hand.

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