Enlighten Me with Dr. Angela Kwong - Australian Weight Loss Surgery Podcast

When patients come to see General Practitioners for support and care for their weight management, yet, all they feel is stigma and discrimination. General Practitioners just throw the blame back on them, which is supposed not to be the case. 

In this episode,  we are joined by Dr. Angela Kwong, a General Practitioner with a special interest in medically supervised weight loss. Today she will talk about how she handles her patients, especially if they are not yet ready to talk about weight loss. Dr. Angela’s Enlighten Me program has helped many clients understand their body needs. Instead of restrictions, it’s about sustainable eating. 

She also discusses the medication option and problems of weight medication for weight loss. 

Reach out and don’t guess your situation, Dr. Angela Kwong will definitely enlighten you about it. Listen now! 

Weight Loss for Menopausal Women with Dr. Angela Kwong - Mind Body Mouth Podcast

Many menopausal women struggle with stubborn weight that keeps them from feeling their best. This week we look into why women fight to lose weight during menopause with weight loss expert Dr. Angela Kwong.

Dr. Kwong is an Australian GP and a member of the World Obesity Federation. She has created innovative programs within her GP and online to medically support individuals on their weight loss journey. Today she shares her expertise in weight loss, medical intervention, and more.

Learn methods to manage your weight for your highest health while understanding menopause’s effect on your body. Discover why medical intervention is helpful for some, physiological happenings that can encourage weight loss and the difference between maintaining and losing weight.

Finding the Right GP for Weight Management with Dr. Angela Kwong - The Bari Chronicles Podcast

Dr. Angela specialises in weight loss and has created her own medically supervised weight loss program, Enlighten Me. She noticed that patients were struggling to control and maintain their weight, and felt dissatisfied with the fragmented system of care in the community. Her program focuses on regular check-ins, patient education, and implementing lifestyle changes. 

Dr. Angela emphasises the importance of individualised care, and addressing underlying medical issues before considering weight loss surgery. She also advocates for open conversations and destigmatising weight maangement. Access to weight management clinical and Telehealth options has improved, making it easier for patients in rural areas to receive care. 

Dr. Angela discusses the time lag between physical weight loss and mental acceptance of the changes. She suggests a Biofeedback Exercise to help patients feel the weight loss by wearing a backpack with the lost weight and going about their daily activities. She also addresses misconceptions about weight loss, such as the belief that it's as simple as eating less and moving more. 

Dr. Angela emphasises the importance of addressing medical factors and offers a Weight Loss Guide to help identify them. She also discusses the use of weight loss medications and the need for long term maintenance strategies. 

dr. angela's weight loss guide

Download a free copy of Dr. Angela's Weight Loss Guide, called "What to do when nothing else has worked". 

This will help you understand the factors contributing your weight and help you develop your own weight loss plan.

weight loss masterclass replay

Watch a Replay from our popular Weight Loss Masterclass, called "Weight loss that has NOTHING to do with restrictive eating, burning calories or fighting cravings."

This Masterclass is hosted by Dr. Angela and Nutritionist Bow.

In this Masterclass, they walk you through Dr. Angela's approach to management, including investigation of the factors that can contribute to a person's weight, and how implementing a medical weight loss plan can assist a patient to achieve their weight loss goals.

See two case studies as examples, and learn more about the Enlighten Me medically supervised weight loss program that has been developed by Dr. Angela Kwong as a multidisciplinary approach to weight management, which addresses the medical root cause, and assists patients to implement lifestyle habits that will become routine for sustainable weight management. 

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